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Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment

Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment

    • Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment
    • Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment
    • Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment
  • Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Beijing
    Brand Name: Zohonice
    Certification: CE Certificate, ISO9001, SGS,BV
    Model Number: N6B-Carina

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    Price: Apply to lowest please!!
    Packaging Details: Aluminum Packing Box
    Delivery Time: 3~7 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Money Gram
    Supply Ability: Above 100pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Features: Face Lift,Hair Removal,Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Wrinkle Removal RF Frequency: 10Hz
    Frequency: 1-10Hz Voltage: 110-240V
    Spot Size: 8*40mm2/15*50mm2 Power: 2000w

    Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment


    Treatment range

    1.Speckle dispelling: genetic freckle, age pigment, sunburn, deep freckle, birthmark and deep deformation pigment.

    2.Skin rejuvenation: shrink pores, whiten skin, remove red blood streak, whelk sore mark and smooth small wrinkle of the face.

    3.Remove hair: armpit hair, beard, the hair of limbs, temple, and the part of Bikini.

    Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment



    Net Weight 38Kg Pulse Number 2-15
    Power 1000W First Pulse Width 1-20ms
    First Pulse Delay 0.5-10ms Light Spot Size 15x50mm2/15x35mm2
    Second Pulse Width 3-50ms Repeat Frequency 1/2/3Hz
    Energy Density 20-50J/cm2 Dimensions 54×58×50cm3
    Electrical 220V±10% or 110V±10% Conduct Temperature about -4‘c
    Spectrum Range 430-1200nm(acne removal)
    480-1200(vascular removal)
    530-1200nm(skin rejuvenation)640-1200nm(hair removal)
    Cooling System

    wind cooling

    water cooling

    semi-conductor cooling system


    Working theory

    Applying the technique of IPL and Bipolar Radio Frequency, the equipment acts on the entire skin corium and connective tissue, stimulates the collagens of different depth to realign and grow, then gets treatment effect. Biopolar RF release energy at the same time, with the selective absorption for the skin to light energy, various pathological tissues of corium and epidermis creates Photothermolysis effect. Since light energy is far below conventional IPL, the pigment tissue and vascular pathological tissue of the corium and epidermis would absorb more energy without injuring the epidermis, and then remove these pathological tissues better and get the effect.

    Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment



    Freckle Removal LCD Laser IPL Hair Removal Machines For Acne Treatment



    (1)User-friendly software design: simple parameters setting and easy operation,Male/female, Skin Type, Hair Density, Hair Color, Hair Thickness Mode choose.
    (2) SHR Fast hair removal technology
    (3) quick shooting 1-10 per second, achieve instant large area treatment by sliding probe on skin only


    FAQ(Frequently asked quenstions)


    1. Am I a candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

    If you are in good health (no serious health concerns), have realistic expectations and do not have hypo-/hyper- pigmentation or Keloid scarring in your family or personal history, you may be a good candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal.


    2. What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

    Laser Tattoo Removal is the penetration and break up of the ink articles that were implanted into your skin. This procedure uses an Alexandrite laser. This procedure can take about 2 years to fully remove a tattoo and even then it is not guaranteed.


    3. When is Laser Tattoo Removal usually performed?

    Whenever a person chooses to undergo the procedure, there is no time limit or specifications.


    4. What does a typical Laser Tattoo Removal consultation entail?

    Your laser technician or doctor will discuss the prices, details, explain the laser function and take before photos at the consultation. You may even watch a video of this procedure being performed (I did). A regimen will be set and the risks will be discussed as well.


    5. How is Laser Tattoo Removal performed?

    The laser is applied with pulses lasting micro-seconds. Sometimes it is accompanied by a short burst of Freon type substance or other freezing agent shortly before to minimize pain. It takes about 180 pulses for a small tattoo the size of a box of matches. You will wear glasses protect your eyes. It is really quite simple.


    6. What are the differences in the machines that perform Laser Tattoo Removal?

    There really isn't. It is the type of crystal that is used within the machine that emits certain types of lasers to remove certain colors or pigments.


    7. What should I expect after Laser Tattoo Removal?

    The treatment area will be swollen, red and very tender. It is really like a burn. Blisters may form. Do not pick at the skin, let it heal naturally. You will ice it down for the first 24 hours and thereafter for comfort. It will crust up and eventually fall off. In the months ahead your body will dispose of the cracked ink by its normal waste disposal protocol.


    8. Does Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?

    Yes, although some doctors offer anesthetic. Local injections can be given but more than likely a topical anesthetic agent is given which takes a long time to penetrate anyway. Most patients go without, as did I. It feels like hot popping grease.


    9. How long does Laser Tattoo Removal take?

    Too long. It may take up to approximately 2 years for the tattoo to disappear(with treatments anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to every 4 months).


    10. Is there a lot of swelling involved with Laser Tattoo Removal?

    There is moderate swelling of the treatment site, may last 3 days. It remained tender for 4 days. However, the swelling can be alleviated with proper icing of the treatment area..


    11. When can I return to work?

    You may return to work immediately. There is no down time for this procedure.


     12. When will I be able to see the results?

    You will notice some gradual fading over the course of anywhere from a few weeks to 8 months. It took several months for me as I have had that particular tattoo re-inked a FEW TIMES. It is so gradual that you may not think that it was a waste of time and money. That is the purpose of the before photos. I was told by a few laser techs that one really shouldn't have an alexandrite treatment more than every 4 months or you will be wasting time and money. It takes the body time to dispose of the broken ink particles.


    13. What are the risks of Laser Tattoo Removal?

    Severe burns from defective machinery and/or unskilled technicians are possible as well as infection (although very unlikely) of the scabbed areas.


    14. Can I go in the sun after Laser Tattoo Removal?

    You can go out in the sun after a treatment as long as it is covered from the sun. This could severely damage your skin. Do not expose your treatment area to the sun for at least 2 weeks, and even then, apply sun block. The laser literally evaporated some of the layers of skin in the process so you will have little natural protection.

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